4 Artists released on Spotify

Artists who have at least one commercially released recording on Spotify may ask a personal assessment about their potential strength and weaknesses as a recorded artist. In this case we will connect your anonymous survey answers via a unique identifier to your Spotify Artist ID, at least one of your songs unique Spotify identifier, and create an artificial intelligence based, personalized report automatically that will be sent to the contact email address you provided.

During the survey you will be directed to this little app, where you can select how your music is called in Spotify: Musician App

For example, if your band is called “Flames”, there are many similarly named bands around the world. You can choose which is your music with a mouse click.

In the end, you will receive a code that you have to copy back to the questionnaire, something like this: 57ylwQTnFnIhJh4nu4rxCs:26fcf873-0cb6-1111-a6f6-b701aeacabbf

You must provide us an e-mail address without your full name, something like .

We will not try not to identify you, and we will not keep a copy of your report after we are sending it to you. We will use this identifier, together with your answers, and we will send back the analyzis in June 2019 to . Make sure that you have access to this email address, or you save the 57ylwQTnFnIhJh4nu4rxCs:26fcf873-0cb6-1111-a6f6-b701aeacabbf. Without these details we will never be able to identify your data, or send a copy of the analysis.