5 Artists Not On Spotify

There may be many reasons why you are not on Spotify with your recordings, but the most likely case is that you have not yet commercially released a recording, or you have not released a recording for a long time. If you already have a self-published or a very good quality demo recording that you see fit for a larger audience, you may participate in our experiment with your music. Please carefully read this section several days before filling out the questionnaire.

If you are not on Spotify but you would like to assess the quality and likely markets of your recordings, you can participate in our program for free, but without guarantee that we can provide you results. In this case, we can try to publish one of your recordings, or an EP up to 4 songs, or even an album, if it meets the quality criteria of Spotify, and you provide all necessary information required for publication.

Our partners in the research will try to publish your song or EP within 5 days. Our main distribution partner is state51, a music distribution company that serves many independent labels and self-published artists in the region directly, or via national organizations. Our other distribution partner in the region is amadea music. They also provide ‘white label services’ in the region, which means that your can release your future recordings under your own label and they will do all the work for you and your label.

We will analyze your song and its performance throughout the duration of our experiment (about a month.) For the publication you must meet the quality criteria required by Spotify. You and your co-creators must own all rights related to the recordings. In case you are only testing one song, we will publish it in a compilation together with similar artists in the region. You will get instructions how to promote the songs among your fans, friends and supporters if you want to test how loyal your fans are compared to others.

  1. You and your co-creators will remain in total control of your recordings. In the future, you may decide to take down the song, or keep the song published and receive the net royalties after distribution fees.

  2. We are more than happy if this experiment and our quantitative feedback helps you or your management to find a suitable recording or publishing agreement for you. If in the future you make an exclusive recording or publishing agreement with any record label, publisher or distributor who wants to take control of your distribution process you can transfer your recoding without any financial or whatsoever conditions.

  3. If your recording is not successful, and the results do not meet your expectations, you can decide to remove your recording from Spotify. On the other hand, our experiments’ distribution partners do not guarantee that they will distribute any more of your recordings in the future.

This opportunity is not intended for pre-mature recordings, demos, or ideas simply recorded live with a smartphone or small recorder. Unless your recording is professionally recorded, it is unlikely to meet the requirements and will probably not be released.

##Live Recordings Sometimes live recordings can be released, but this is more of an exception than a rule. Recording acoustic or amplified music in a good quality requires a well-trained sound engineer who understands where to place microphones and how to mix the sound.

For classical music ensembles, live recordings are not rare, but they must be made in a suitable room by a trained sound engineer.

Musicians using amplifiers usually need a well-trained sound team to create a live recording that can be commercially released

##Studio Recordings Most recordings that meet the quality requirements are recorded in a studio. Both the recording and the mastering is done by an experienced sound engineer and producer. If your sound engineer and producer has already created commercially released recordings, your music will likely meet the engineering requirements.

The quality of the music must fit the requirements of the audience of your genre. Generally, the instruments, the vocals must not be out of tune, the tempo must be punctual, and your recording should be interesting for your intended audience.

##Explicit lyrics If your lyrics do not meet the general requirements to be played in the radios, and contain obscenity, you must mark this explicitly. In extreme cases your music may be rejected. Even if they do not explicitly prohibit by the terms of music distributions sites, we generally reject lyrics that explicitly promote violence against women, ethnic, sexual or religious minorities. These restrictions do not apply to obscene words used in various subcultures, and generally poetic lyrics about violence in society, but we do not want to associate our research and our partners with lyrics that incite hatred itself.

##Rights And Plagiarism You must not participate in the experiment with a recording that was not created by you, your band or ensemble. You must have all rights related to the fixation of the recording, which means that all credited musicians and the producer must approve the release of the recording.

You can play somebody else’s music, and you can sing somebody else’s lyrics, but you must explicitly name the authors. Do not claim authorship for any music or lyrics that was not created by your or your musician partners under any circumstances.

If you have an exclusive recording agreement with a record label, you must not participate in this program. It is your record label’s exclusive right to distribute your music on any platform.

##Specific technical requirements You will have to apply for an account at www.amadeamusic.com and fill out all your details. Once your account is approved, you must upload at least two files:

You must upload your audio files in a stereo WAV format, at least one recording. Any of the following specification is sufficient * WAV, 16 bit, 44.1 kHz [lowest allowed quality, smallest file] * WAV, 16 bit, 48 kHz * WAV, 24 bit, 44.1 kHz * WAV, 24 bit, 48 kHz * WAV, 24 bit, 88.2 kHz * WAV, 24 bit, 96 kHz * WAV, 24 bit, 192 kHz [highest quality, biggest file]

You must provide an artwork for your single or EP in 4000x4000 pixels, JPEG format and RGB color space. The aspect ration must be 1:1.

You should fill out the questionnaire once you got notification of the release of your recordings on Spotify.

##Prepare For Releasing

You need to go to www.amadeamusic.com and apply for an account there. Once you are filling the application form please make sure that you provide a link where we can hear the track you are about to deliver to Spotify so we can make sure it meets all the requirements and enter “CEEMID” in the “How did you hear about us?” field.

Once you do that we will review your application and approve your account in case that you meet the audio quality requirements.

The next step is to go through the Create Product process in your account. There you will need to fill in all the required metadata for your product, upload the audio file and the cover art. Please note that while we suggest a release date of one month ahead in the website you should select a release date of tomorrow. This does not mean that the product will be live on the next day but that way the product will be live as soon as it is delivered and processed from Spotify. This usually takes from 2-7 days.

In the Distribution Options tab please make sure you have Spotify selected so that the product is delivered there all other services are optional. Once all that is ready you should submit the product for distribution using our Free Plan.

Your product will appear on Spotify in the next few days and we will be able to get the information we need from there. If you want to remove your product from Spotify we will let you do that regardless of our non-cancellation period as participant of this project. You should just request that via the Help Center in your Amadea Music account.

If you however decide that you want to keep your product on all delivered services you can do that as well.

Regardless of what you chose you will be reported and paid all generated revenue according to our agreement. You will receive 90% from the net revenue.

You can send inquiries to info [ at ] amadeamusic.com

##Advice to promote your music You are participating in this experiment because you want to find out where could people be interested in your music. Every successful sound recording will spread if your fans love it. The career of a track starts with the people who already care for your music. Once your music is released, make sure that you share it on social media, bring it to the attention of your friends, and refer to its release in your concert announcements.

Use social media to encourage your fans to follow you on Spotify. Spotify will notify them when you release new music and when you are touring in their area. You will also be featured in the personalized sections of their app.

You can embed a Spotify player to your website with your music.