3 When Do We See The Results?

There are three type of results that will be distributed. The results will be distributed later than originally indicated, because several countries joined the project later, and in some countries the data collection is still ongoing.

3.1 Individiuals who asked for personal feedback

Individuals who asked for personalized feedback will receive their results as soon as the surveying is completed. Because several countries joined during the process of survey distribution, we will only distribute the results in late September.

3.2 Public summary data

  • The first public release of a comprehensive result will be on Waves Vienna on 26-28 September where there will be room to discuss the regional results.

  • In Germany on the Reeperbahn 18-21 September 2019 a special introduction about CEEMID and Germany where all interested parties are welcome for consultation.

  • In Poland, on 1-2 October on tehe 4th Music Export Poland Conference the Polish data will be presented with some regional comparison.

  • In Czechia, on Nouvelle Prague, 8-9 November the Czech data will be presented and we will demonstrate the use of data for individual artist.

  • In Hungary, on the Budapest Showcase Hub, 15 November 2019, the Hungarian data will be compared with the region.

  • In Armenia, on the next Yerevan Music Week, we will release the data with the first Armenian Music Report.

3.3 Insititutional data

Institutions do not receive full datasets, only data that do not contain individual institution and is necessary for their granting, collective management, music export promotion or other relevant work. Partners receive data for their countries as necessary.